Calibration weights, class F1

Proveedor: Sartorius Balances
YCW6138-00 YCW5238-00 YCW5138-00 YCW4138-02 YCW4238-02 YCW5138-02 YCW3238-02 YCW5538-02 YCW6238-02 YCW5238-02 YCW6138-02 YCW6538-02 YCW7138-02 YCW3138-00 YCW4138-00 YCW5538-00 YCW7138-00 YCW3238-00 YCW4238-00 YCW6238-00 YCW3538-00 YCW4538-00 YCW6538-00
SARBYCW6138-00EA 279 EUR
SARBYCW6138-00 SARBYCW5238-00 SARBYCW5138-00 611-0885 611-0887 611-0891 611-0881 611-0895 611-0899 SARBYCW5238-02 SARBYCW6138-02 SARBYCW6538-02 SARBYCW7138-02 SARBYCW3138-00 SARBYCW4138-00 SARBYCW5538-00 SARBYCW7138-00 SARBYCW3238-00 SARBYCW4238-00 SARBYCW6238-00 SARBYCW3538-00 SARBYCW4538-00 SARBYCW6538-00
Calibration weights, class F1
Pesas Pesas de calibración
Cylindrical weights which are made up of special stainless steel with a density of 7,950 kg/m³.

Certificaciones: Comply in all respects with the requirements on shape, material and markings specified by the OIML R111-1 International Recommendation.

Información de suministro: Cylindrical weights are supplied in high-quality plastic cases that are suitable for use in cleanrooms.
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