Climate chambers, ICH series

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Climate chambers, ICH series
Cámaras de ensayos Cámaras climáticas
The ICH range of climatic chambers offers rapid and precise temperature control from 10 up to +60 °C with humidification from 10 to 80% RH. These compressor cooled units have stainless steel inner chamber and housing, ensuring long working life and easy cleaning. The ICH models have humidity control, ICH L models feature humidity control and light and ICH C models have humidity and an electronic CO₂ control with automatic zero setting, NDIR measurement system and auto-diagnostic system.

  • Intuitive, user friendly TwinDISPLAY with 2 TFT displays. ControlCOCKPIT with USB port. ControlCOCKPIT parameters: Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), fan speed, program time, relative humidity, illumination, time zones and daylight saving time
  • Two PT100 sensors in a 4-wire circuit for mutual monitoring, taking over functions in case of an error
  • Logged protocol data is displayed on the ControlCOCKPIT (max 10 000 values correspond to approx. 1 week)
  • Ethernet interface for reading out the protocol log and for uploading and implementing programs and for online logging
  • Multiple over-temperature protection with audible and visual alarm: Electronic temperature monitoring TWW safety device Class 3.3 or TWB safety device Class 2, adjustable on display (independent adjustable over-temperature, which protects the samples and the chamber) and mechanical temperature limiter TB (protection Class 1) according to DIN12880. AutoSAFETY automatically adjusts to the set value within a freely adjustable tolerance range. Setting individual min/max values for over- or under-temperature

All models feature the intuitive control and logging software, AtmoCONTROL, which uses drag and drop symbols to input values. The software allows online monitoring of up to 32 connected appliances and can send an automatic alarm message to one or several email addresses. Complex ramping processes can be programmed quickly and easily. Chambers are ideal for stability tests and storage of pharmaceutical products according to ICH Q1A and Q1B option 2 (requires optional 8000 Lux illumination unit for ICH L), and similar global standards for stability tests of cosmetics and food. ICH C models with CO₂ and humidity control are ideal to carry out tests on building materials or applications in cell biology at below ambient temperatures.

Información para pedidos: Supplied without grids or shelves, please order required stainless steel grids, perforated shelves or reinforced grids separately. For all chamber volumes a minimum of 2 shelves or grids must be ordered in addition. Range of accessories and factory fitted options such as LED light modules, access ports and interior sockets are available on request. Please contact Avantor for further details prior to ordering as these can not be retro-fitted.

Precaución: For details of the range of shelves and grids, please visit or contact your local Avantor sales office.
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