Compressors for syringeless filters, Mini-UniPrep™ G2, Whatman™

Proveedor: Whatman products (Cytiva)
Whatman™ Mini-UniPrep™
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Compressors for syringeless filters, Mini-UniPrep™ G2, Whatman™
Whatman™ Mini-UniPrep™ G2 filters from Cytiva can be used with either a hand compressor (single position) or a multicompressor.

  • Mini-UniPrep™ vials can be loaded directly into the autosampler

The Mini-UniPrep™ hand compressor is a time reducing compressor for the Mini-UniPrep™ G2 syringeless filter, a fast and cost-effective syringeless filter that simplifies UHPLC and HPLC sample filtration. Ergonomic hand compressor allows for sample preparation with increased hand comfort. Mini-UniPrep™ all-in-one syringeless filter prepares samples three times faster than standard syringe filter method. Mini-UniPrep™ glass or polypropylene vials support analyses such as pharmaceutical quality control (pharma QC) and water monitoring.

Mini-UniPrep™ G2 multicompressor saves time and reduces hand stress by filtering multiple Mini-UniPrep™ G2 syringeless filter vials during sample preparation. Streamlines syringeless filtration by filtering up to eight filter vials simultaneously. Designed for Cytiva's Mini-UniPrep™ G2 ‒ with integral borosilicate glass autosampler vial, plunger and attached filter membrane, and septum with cap. Glass construction prevents interference of leachables from plastic housing with HPLC/UHPLC pharmaceutical analysis.

Información para pedidos: Whatman™ Mini-UniPrep™ syringeless filters are available with a variety of membrane types, pore sizes, and vial characteristics. Browse the Whatman™ line to find the right filter and compressor for your application.
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