Blood collection tubes with sodium citrate anticoagulant, vacuum, Vacutest®

Proveedor: Vacutest Kima

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KIMA14074 KIMA140840 720-2748 720-2771 KIMA14574 KIMA14315 KIMA143650 720-2772 720-2773 KIMA140200 KIMA14084
Blood collection tubes with sodium citrate anticoagulant, vacuum, Vacutest®
Sistemas para diagnóstico Clinical sample collection/preparation
The test tubes are made from Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Resistant to mechanical stress, centrifugation, breakage during standard procedures of use and in case of accidental falls. PET is a transparent material which enables the visual inspection of the blood and other biological liquids collected. Labels are made from self-adhesive paper for specific medical use, size 40×20 mm, printed in three colours.

  • Available in different sizes
  • Colours of the closure system are compliant with ISO 6710 and EN 14820 standards for the identification of the tubes
  • 18 months shelf-life

The closure system of the test tubes is composed by a pierceable butyl rubber stopper and a polyethylene safety cap. The stopper has a hollow in the piercing spot to protect operator from possible contact. The safety cap protecting against the aerosol and splashes prevents the operator from coming into contact with the pierceable rubber stopper and allows for easy recapping of the test tube.
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