Syringes, Neuros™

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Syringes, Neuros™
Jeringas Jeringas para cromatografía
Developed specifically for the neurosciences, these syringes minimise injection site damage by increasing needle rigidity and delivering a micro volume of liquid to an exact location.

  • Compatibility with most infusion pumps and stereotaxic holders
  • Black needle sleeve indicates the exposed needle length

The technology is offered on several models from the 700 Microliter™, 1700 Gastight® and 7000 Modified Microliter™ series. These syringes have very little to no dead volume which preserves the maximum amount of buffer and solution. They feature two different needle sleeves. The sleeve with a blind stop is perfect for cannulated applications and ensures targeted administration with an adjustable penetration depth. The version without a blind stop works best with stereotaxic holders. Both types provide an adjustable needle exposure of 0 to 20 mm.

The 7000 series syringes use a modified Microliter™ plunger which is a tungsten wire that extends the entire length of the needle all the way to the tip, resulting in zero dead volume. This unique design also means if the needle is damaged it cannot be repaired or replaced.

Información de suministro: Each syringe comes with two needle sleeves. The 7000 series syringes come with the adapter already installed. The adapter kit includes a glass adapter, two needle sleeves and a six-pack of 33 gauge needles.
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