Syringes for Spark Holland HPLC autosamplers

Proveedor: Hamilton
HAMI62161-01EA 181 EUR
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Syringes for Spark Holland HPLC autosamplers
Jeringas Jeringas para cromatografía
This line of syringes developed for Spark Holland HPLC autosamplers offer everything required of an instrument syringe: chemical inertness, long life, reduced friction, precision and accuracy.

  • Superior design and materials result in an 8X increase in syringe life
  • Strictly machined tolerances for reproducible results from injection to injection
  • Has side post mounting (XL) plunger style and ChemSeal (C), ¼"-28 type of termination

These syringes feature a glass and PTFE construction to provide an inert flow path for the most demanding applications. An exact fit between the PTFE plunger tip and the inner diameter of the glass barrel achieves the seal required for accurate operation for any Spark Holland autosampler.

These autosampler syringes fit the following instrument models: Spark Holland Midas, Endurance, Triathlon and Alias, Varian ProStar 410, 420 and 430, Dionex®/ESA Model 540, PerkinElmer® Series 225 and Flexar, Beckman Coulter 508, Grace/Alltech Model 580.
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