Microplate racks for chest freezers

Proveedor: Tenak
479-2181EA 96 EUR
479-2181 479-2180 TENATE27180 TENATE27160 TENATE27162 TENATE27140 TENATE27142 TENATE27220 TENATE27144 TENATE27166 TENATE27100 TENATE27200 TENATE27146 TENATE27168 479-2182 TENATE27102 TENATE27202 TENATE27204 TENATE27106 TENATE27108 TENATE27190 TENATE27192 TENATE27170 479-2179 TENATE27172 TENATE27196 TENATE27130 TENATE27174 TENATE27132 TENATE27110 TENATE27176 TENATE27198 TENATE27210 TENATE27178 TENATE27112 TENATE27136 TENATE27114 TENATE27214 TENATE27116 TENATE27138 TENATE27216 479-2178 TENATE27218
Microplate racks for chest freezers
Gradillas Gradillas de microplacas
Stainless steel standard microplate racks.

  • With a locking rod to secure cryoboxes
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