Multi-channel gel loading syringes

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Multi-channel gel loading syringes
Jeringas Jeringas para cromatografía
Multi-channel gel loading syringes are designed for multiplex DNA sequencing methodologies. They can rapidly transfer 1, 8, or 12 samples to sequencing gels, 96-well plates, or nylon membranes.

  • Dispense from 0,2 to 10 µl of sample per syringe simultaneously
  • 9 mm needle spacing and three needle diameters optimise sample transfers
  • Adjustable volume stop that allows faster, more accurate reloading and excellent reproducibility

Gastight® syringes are ideal for dispensing both liquids and gases. They have a precision machined PTFE plunger tip which creates a leak-free seal.

Cemented needle (N): For low volume syringes the needles are cemented into the glass syringe barrel at a point corresponding to the zero graduation mark. With this termination, dead volume is limited to the internal volume of the needle. Not autoclavable. Needle gauge is determined by the syringe volume and are not user-selectable.

Removable needle (RN): The design allows the needles to seat precisely at the zero graduation mark of the syringe. Users can select the needle gauge, length and point style to optimise the syringe for custom applications. Additionally, this termination allows for a removable needle without increasing the dead volume of the syringe and is ideal when there is a risk of the needle clogging. Autoclavable when disassembled. Repeated autoclaving will shorten syringe life.

Needle point style 3: Blunt needle point for use with HPLC injection valves and for sample pipetting.
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