Pellet Paint® NF Co-Precipitant

Proveedor: Merck

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Pellet Paint® NF Co-Precipitant
Reactivos de ácidos nucleicos Nucleic Acid Purification Kits and Reagents
Pellet Paint® NF Co-Precipitant is a non-fluorescent dye-labelled carrier compatible with fluorescent sequencing. It facilitates rapid removal of BigDye® Terminators during the alcohol precipitation of cycle sequencing reaction products. Cycle sequencing reactions can be precipitated rapidly with centrifugation times of 10 minutes. The easily visualised carrier provides a simple confirmation that precipitation has occurred. Sequencing reaction products are efficiently pelleted and dye-labelled terminators remain in the supernatant during alcohol precipitation using the standard Applied Biosystems precipitation protocols. Re-suspension of pelleted sequencing reaction products in deionised formamide can be confirmed by checking for dissolution of the carrier pellet.

To avoid extra sample handling, Pellet Paint® NF co-precipitant can be added directly to the reaction mix, template DNA, crude PCR samples, or dilution buffer prior to the cycle sequencing reaction.

  • Rapid and efficient non-fluorescent visible DNA co-precipitant for automated sequencing applications
  • Efficient removal of dye terminators
  • Direct visualisation and tracking of precipitated material
  • No effect on sequencing reaction or sequence accuracy
  • Suitable as a substitute for Pellet Paint® co-precipitant for fluorescent detection applications
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