Medios de cultivo, Chromocult® y Fluorocult®

Proveedor: Merck

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Medios de cultivo, Chromocult® y Fluorocult®
Medios Medios deshidratados para microbiología
Chromogenic media offer a method for rapid identification of characteristic bacterial enzymes. Merck offers a wide range of solid and liquid culture media that also permits the fluorescence detection of E. coli under the trade name Fluorocult®. Fluorocult® culture media have the same components as the standard media and additionally the substrate MUG. Some of the media also contain tryptophan as the substrate for a possible indole reaction to further confirm E. coli presence. The Fluorocult® method can produce a positive result within just 24 to 48 hours. In the case of the chromogenic media, a direct identification, using the characteristic colony colouring on the culture medium itself is possible without the application of further additives. A differentiation of positive single colonies is possible, even when high microbial counts are present.

  • Más rápido, ahorra 3 a 4 días en comparación con el método convencional
  • Identificación rápida con lámpara UV (Fluorocult®) o gracias al color (Chromocult®)
  • Fácil interpretación; es posible la visualización de una serie completa de diferentes colores de organismos en un solo medio de cultivo
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