Calibration weight sets, OIML class E2

Proveedor: Sartorius Balances
YCS31-652-02 YCS31-652-00 YCS31-712-02 YCS31-612-00 YCS31-612-02 YCS31-712-00 YCS011-352-00 YCS011-352-02 YCS011-512-00 YCS011-522-00 YCS011-522-02 YCS011-612-00 YCS011-612-02 YCS011-512-02 YCS011-652-00 YCS011-652-02
SARBYCS31-652-02EA 7260 EUR
SARBYCS31-652-02 SARBYCS31-652-00 SARBYCS31-712-02 SARBYCS31-612-00 SARBYCS31-612-02 SARBYCS31-712-00 SARBYCS011-352-00 SARBYCS011-352-02 SARBYCS011-512-00 SARBYCS011-522-00 SARBYCS011-522-02 SARBYCS011-612-00 SARBYCS011-612-02 SARBYCS011-512-02 SARBYCS011-652-00 SARBYCS011-652-02
Calibration weight sets, OIML class E2
Pesas Pesas de calibración
These E2 class weight sets from 1 mg to 10 kg are made of non-magnetisable, stainless steel.

  • Density of 8,0 g/dm3
  • Knob weights highly polished
  • Highly corrosion-resistant

Información de suministro: Up to 20 g supplied in a plastic case; from 50 g and above in a wooden case; from 1 kg and above, additionally supplied with gloves; Service weight set in a plastic carrying case.
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