Protein delivery reagent, PULSin®

Proveedor: Polyplus-transfection
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Protein delivery reagent, PULSin®
Reactivos para transfección
PULSin® protein delivery reagent is dedicated to the delivery of proteins, antibodies and peptides into cells and offers a powerful approach to functional studies. PULSin® can be used to target intracellular proteins with antibodies in living cells without fixation.

  • Effective and robust delivery into the cytoplasm
  • Delivery to a wide variety of cells including primary cells and Hard-to-transfect cells
  • Highly efficient delivery
  • Easy to use

Since 1st of September 2021 Polyplus-Tranfection changed product part numbers. Products are remaining the same and the change is only related to the product part number. New product part numbers have symbol “New”. For duplicated products with symbol “telephone” please be informed that it’s the same product but with previous part number which we will only offer till the end of stock.

Certificaciones: Polyplus-transfection® has been an ISO 9001 accredited company since 2002. Since then this certification has been successfully renewed every three years.

Every batch of PULSin™ is tested by delivering R-phycoerythrin into HeLa cells.

Información de suministro: Supplied with 20 µg R-Phycoerythrin (positive control) and Hepes dilution buffer. 0,4 ml of PULSin® protein delivery reagent is sufficient for 24 reactions in 6-well plates.
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