VWR®, Películas perforables para robótica, Clear-Zone

Proveedor: VWR

391-1264EA 173 EUR
VWR®, Películas perforables para robótica, Clear-Zone
Juntas Sellos de microplaca
With a polyethylene top layer and inert white polypropylene and acrylic adhesive sublayer, this easy piercing sealing film allows direct sample recovery with single- or multi-channel pipettes and robotic probes.

  • Una zona despejada sobre cada pocillo no tiene adhesivo
  • Exposición mínima de la muestra al adhesivo
  • Intervalo de temperatura recomendado de −40 °C a +90 °C

The adhesive-free zone above each well prevents adhesive fouling of the pipette tip or robotic probe, minimising the amount of adhesive that comes into contact with the sample. Suitable for 96-well plates only.
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