Eyewash station

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Eyewash station
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Wall-mountable eyewash station with two 500 ml bottles which open automatically when they are twisted out of their holders. The solution works to neutralise eye pH, i.e. it has a neutralising effect on any alkali or acid splashes, giving a quicker result than a normal sodium chloride solution.

  • Contains Salvequick plaster dispenser (incl. 40 sterile fabric and 45 sterile plastic plasters), eyewash instructions and a key
  • Features extra space for other accessories, e.g. Bloodstopper dressings, protective glasses or gloves
  • Transparent door protects the products against dust and dirt and makes it easy to see when a refill is needed

W×D×H: 290×120×560 mm
Rinsing time: ~1,5 minutes
Shelf life: 4,5 years

The green-coloured plastic in Cederroth Stations and Dispensers are from January 2022 made of >85% recycled plastics. Old refrigerator parts are used to give next life in First Aid products, which gives 90% lower C02 emissions compared with production of new plastics. At the same time, the outer cartons are made of 90% recycled fibre.

Información para pedidos: Eyewash bottles and Salvequick plaster dispenser are included. Dispenser can also be ordered separately for refilling.
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