Syringe cleaner

Proveedor: Hamilton
HAMI76615EA 732 EUR
HAMI76615 HAMI76610
Syringe cleaner
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Specifically designed for rapidly cleaning 7000 series modified Microliter™ syringes, this syringe cleaner also effectively cleans Microliter™ and Gastight® syringes. A combination of heat (approximately 370 °C) and vacuum vaporises and extracts contaminants from the needle. The syringe cleaner is ineffective for septa-plugged needles, seised plungers and other irreparable needles.

Generally, Microliter™ or Gastight® syringes require a lower cleaning temperature than the Modified Microliter™ syringes.

Precaución: Do not heat the syringes with cemented needles above 50 °C. Thermal expansion of the needle will fracture the glass. Do not allow the glass barrel to come into contact with the hot septum cap.
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