Pesas de calibración, clase E2

Proveedor: Sartorius Balances
YCW0121-02 YCW0221-02 YCW312-02 YCW512-02 YCW522-02 YCW422-02 YCW452-00 YCW612-00 YCW622-00 YCW452-02 YCW522-00 YCW612-02 YCW622-02 YCW412-00 YCW322-02 YCW352-00 YCW712-00 YCW1221-00 YCW2521-00 YCW2221-02 YCW1521-02 YCW0121-00 YCW2521-02 YCW1521-00 YCW2121-00 YCW2121-02 YCW2221-00 YCW0221-00 YCW412-02 YCW652-02 YCW422-00 YCW712-02 YCW352-02 YCW552-02 YCW312-00 YCW512-00 YCW322-00 YCW552-00 YCW652-00 YCW1121-00 YCW0521-00 YCW1221-AC-00 YCW312-AC-00 YCW2521-AC-02 YCW2521-AC-00 YCW2221-AC-02 YCW2221-AC-00 YCW2121-AC-02 YCW2121-AC-00 YCW1521-AC-02 YCW1221-AC-02 YCW1121-AC-02 YCW1121-AC-00 YCW0521-AC-02 YCW0521-AC-00 YCW0221-AC-02 YCW0221-AC-00 YCW0121-AC-02 YCW0121-AC-00 YCW1521-AC-00 YCW352-AC-02 YCW352-AC-00 YCW312-AC-02 YCW322-AC-02 YCW322-AC-00 YCW412-AC-00 YCW622-AC-02 YCW622-AC-00 YCW612-AC-02 YCW612-AC-00 YCW652-AC-00 YCW652-AC-02 YCW712-AC-02 YCW712-AC-00 YCW452-AC-02 YCW452-AC-00 YCW422-AC-02 YCW422-AC-00 YCW412-AC-02 YCW522-AC-00 YCW552-AC-02 YCW552-AC-00 YCW522-AC-02 YCW512-AC-02 YCW512-AC-00 YCW0521-02 YCW1121-02 YCW1221-02
SARBYCW0121-02EA 155 EUR
SARBYCW0121-02 SARBYCW0221-02 SARBYCW312-02 SARBYCW512-02 SARBYCW522-02 SARBYCW422-02 611-1703 SARBYCW612-00 SARBYCW622-00 SARBYCW452-02 611-1705 SARBYCW612-02 SARBYCW622-02 SARBYCW412-00 SARBYCW322-02 SARBYCW352-00 SARBYCW712-00 SARBYCW1221-00 SARBYCW2521-00 SARBYCW2221-02 SARBYCW1521-02 SARBYCW0121-00 SARBYCW2521-02 SARBYCW1521-00 SARBYCW2121-00 SARBYCW2121-02 SARBYCW2221-00 SARBYCW0221-00 SARBYCW412-02 SARBYCW652-02 SARBYCW422-00 SARBYCW712-02 SARBYCW352-02 SARBYCW552-02 SARBYCW312-00 611-1704 SARBYCW322-00 611-1706 611-1709 SARBYCW1121-00 SARBYCW0521-00 SARBYCW1221-AC-00 SARBYCW312-AC-00 SARBYCW2521-AC-02 SARBYCW2521-AC-00 SARBYCW2221-AC-02 SARBYCW2221-AC-00 SARBYCW2121-AC-02 SARBYCW2121-AC-00 SARBYCW1521-AC-02 SARBYCW1221-AC-02 SARBYCW1121-AC-02 SARBYCW1121-AC-00 SARBYCW0521-AC-02 SARBYCW0521-AC-00 SARBYCW0221-AC-02 SARBYCW0221-AC-00 SARBYCW0121-AC-02 SARBYCW0121-AC-00 SARBYCW1521-AC-00 SARBYCW352-AC-02 SARBYCW352-AC-00 SARBYCW312-AC-02 SARBYCW322-AC-02 SARBYCW322-AC-00 SARBYCW412-AC-00 SARBYCW622-AC-02 SARBYCW622-AC-00 SARBYCW612-AC-02 SARBYCW612-AC-00 SARBYCW652-AC-00 SARBYCW652-AC-02 SARBYCW712-AC-02 SARBYCW712-AC-00 SARBYCW452-AC-02 SARBYCW452-AC-00 SARBYCW422-AC-02 SARBYCW422-AC-00 SARBYCW412-AC-02 SARBYCW522-AC-00 SARBYCW552-AC-02 SARBYCW552-AC-00 SARBYCW522-AC-02 SARBYCW512-AC-02 SARBYCW512-AC-00 SARBYCW0521-02 SARBYCW1121-02 SARBYCW1221-02
Pesas de calibración, clase E2
Pesas Pesas de calibración
Sartorius Proof Line weights are high quality working standards for everyday use. These weights are made of high quality material with polished or precision lathed surfaces.

  • 0 to 5 mg leaf weights: Aluminium
  • 10 to 500 mg leaf weights: Nickel silver
  • 1 g to 10 Kg Knob weights: Stainless steel

Certificaciones: Comply in all respects with the requirements on shape, material and markings specified by the OIML R111-1 International Recommendation.
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