Tubing, PTFE

Proveedor: Hamilton
HAMI90630EA 46.4 EUR
HAMI90630 HAMI20920 HAMI90674 HAMI20922 HAMI90672 HAMI90670 HAMI20928 HAMI90678 HAMI20924 HAMI20926 HAMI90676 HAMI90628 HAMI90663 HAMI90662 HAMI90661 HAMI90660 HAMI20930 HAMI90669 HAMI90668 HAMI90624 HAMI90667 HAMI90622 HAMI90666 HAMI90665 HAMI90664 HAMI90620 HAMI90619 HAMI90618 HAMI90617 HAMI86510 HAMI20942 HAMI20943 HAMI90691 HAMI20941 HAMI90616 HAMI90615 HAMI90659 HAMI20907 HAMI20908 HAMI90658 HAMI90614 HAMI20909 HAMI90657 HAMI90613 HAMI90612 HAMI90611 HAMI90610 HAMI90609 HAMI90608 HAMI90607 HAMI20910 HAMI20911 HAMI20912 HAMI90680 HAMI20917 HAMI20918 HAMI20919 HAMI20914 HAMI20915 HAMI20916
Tubing, PTFE
Tuberías Tuberías de PTFE
Luer hub tubing assemblies.

Ideal for quickly connecting and disconnecting components with male luer locks.
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