Syringes, Digital Syringes™

Proveedor: Hamilton
Digital Syringes™
HAMIDS80930EA 1710 EUR
HAMIDS80930 HAMIDS80975 HAMIDS88411 HAMIDS81100 HAMIDS80135 HAMIDS88011 HAMIDS80608 HAMIDS81217 HAMIDS81130 HAMIDS81176 HAMIDS81175 HAMIDS88400 HAMIDS80000 HAMIDS80200 HAMIDS88000 549-1299 549-1298 549-1297 549-1296 549-1295 HAMIDS80030 HAMIDS81000 HAMIDS80075 HAMIDS86211 HAMIDS80230 HAMIDS80275 HAMIDS88511 HAMIDS86259 HAMIDS86250 549-1294 549-1293 549-1292 549-1291 549-1290 549-1289 549-1288 549-1287 549-1286 HAMIDS80900 549-1285 549-1284 HAMIDS81075 HAMIDS81030 HAMIDS80383 HAMIDS86200 HAMIDS81230 HAMIDS88500 HAMIDS80100 549-1283 549-1282 549-1281 549-1280
Syringes, Digital Syringes™
Jeringas Jeringas para cromatografía
The Digital Syringe™ is a calibrated device composed of a serialised syringe and a serialised digital electronic holder.

  • Achieve precision up to 0,5%
  • Dispense volumes from 500 µl down to 50 nl
  • Device also reduces the possibility of plunger bending

A digital readout allows enhanced syringe volume readability, while an adjustable plunger stop assures accurate, reproducible sample injections.

Información de suministro: Each unit is delivered with a certificate of calibration.
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