Filtrate centrifugal ultrafilter, Vivaspin®

Proveedor: Sartorius
Centrisart® Vivaspin®
512-3531EA 106 EUR
512-3531 512-3532 512-3533 512-3535
Filtrate centrifugal ultrafilter, Vivaspin®
Filtros Filtros centrífugos
These centrifugal devices are ideal for the concentration or ultrafiltration of difficult to filter samples, even whole blood or cell lysates.

  • PS body
  • Styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) filtrate vessel
  • PE concentrator cap

They may be used for removal of low molecular weight substances or proteins for samples in the 0,5 - 2,5 ml range. Vivaspin® Filtrate enables ultrafiltration against the direction of centrifugal force for fast preparation of ultrafiltrates wtihout premature blocking of the membrane.
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