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The Ultra is available in five versions that specifically meet the different needs of the laboratories. Ultra Scientific delivers ultrapure water continuously. Its 2-cartridge pack ensures a constant water supply that meets the most demanding applications of scientists. Ultra Ionic meets the requirements of applications as critical as those of chromatography or spectrophotometry by eliminating residual ionic and organic fractions from pretreated water. Ultra Analytic by integrating a 185 nm UV lamp produces water with an exceptionally low TOC level (2 ppb). Display of TOC level in ppb. Ultra Bioscience ensures the production of ultramureal pyrogen-free water (in vitro fertilization, cell cultures). Ultra Genetic incorporates a 185nm UV lamp and an ultrafiltration module. Display of TOC level in ppb.

  • Multi-technology system with RS232 output
  • High-performance control system and distribution with pre-programmed volumes, drip flow up to 2 L/min
  • Wall or bench top installation

L×T×H (mm): 410×365×490 mm

Weight: 15 kg

Power supply: 220/240 V, 50 Hz, 10 A

Complies with the following standards: USP, EP, ASTM Type I1, NCCLS Type I, ISO 3696 Grade 1 LVD

Note: Also suitable for the Maxima series.
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