Shaking water baths, Clifton NE5 Series

Proveedor: Nickel-Electro

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Shaking water baths, Clifton NE5 Series
Baños Baños con agitación
Digital and analogue linear shaking water baths with a stainless steel tank housed in a durable outer case. The corrosion resistant reciprocating trolley readily accepts perforated clip trays for holding flasks and test tube racks. The trolley is easily removed for cleaning purposes and a stainless steel recessed top accommodates flasks, clip trays etc prior to and after immersion. The 28 litre baths include a drain tap for convenient emptying. Digital shakers have splash proof controls featuring an advanced PID temperature controller with a LED display, allowing observation of set and actual temperature simultaneously to 0,1 °C resolution. They also feature a highly accurate PT 100 sensor with the added advantage that it is immersed in the water for accurate temperature measurement. An over-temperature alarm operates on digital baths at 4 °C above set point which switches of the heaters to protect the users work until a safe working temperature is achieved. Analogue model has an electronic temperature controller and an electronic speed control for shaking. The heater and safety device are concealed beneath the tank allowing for easy cleaning.

  • Control options - single point temperature control, process control with two temperatures and a time setting
  • Digital models have LED display of time/temperature, digital PID temperature control with smart technology for adaptive temperature control maintaining accurate working temperatures, menu driven data entry and heating, alarm, time and set point indicators
  • Linear shaking motion with speed adjustment, 28 litre models have infinitely adjustable stroke length to 40 mm
  • Built-in safety device stops the shaking should it become obstructed
  • Anti-bacterial paint finish that actively inhibits bacterial growth

Flask immersion depth: 50 - 120 mm

Información para pedidos: NE5-28D is supplied without perforated clip tray, clips, racks, RS232 interface or lid. NE5-28 supplied without perforated clip tray, clips, racks or lid. The NE5-10D is supplied with perforated shelf but without clips, racks, RS232 interface or lids (lids are recommended when working above 60 °C). Please order required accessories separately.
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