Plant growth chambers, MLR-352/352H, PHCbi

Proveedor: PHC Corporation
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390-0715 390-0716 SANYMLR-352-PC SANYMLR-352H-PC
Plant growth chambers, MLR-352/352H, PHCbi
Cámaras de ensayos Cámaras de crecimiento de cultivos vegetales
The wide temperature range and essential lighting for plant research can be controlled and reproduced with high accuracy. These chambers are available with or without humidity control. The humidity sensor used in a macro-molecular membrane, measures the humidity of the chamber with precision (MLR-352H only). Interior finish is stainless steel, unit has glass panels left and right, surface finish and painted steel door.

  • The graphic LCD display enables easy operation
  • Temperature, lighting pannels in the door and the side walls together with humidity (MLR-352H only) are programmable
  • PID and microprocessor controller to control the refrigeration capacity
  • Data recording function
  • Temperature alarm limit temperature maximum / minimum humidity alarm, backup battery for the clock

Temperature control by PID microprocessor control of refrigeration capacity automatic defrost (3 modes), manual defrost forced air circulation, data recording function: Maximum of fifteen days, every six minutes daily information is displayed in graphical form (the old data is deleted when the memory is full) lighting range: 0 to 20000 lux fluorescent lamp 40W × 15 6 steps (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). PID controller humidifier, 60 to 90% RH (15 to 45 °C, light off), 55 to 85% RH (15 to 45 °C, lights on) (MLR-352H only), programme functions temperature, light and humidity (for the latter, MLR-352H only), 12 steps (10 modes), 98 cycles or continous. Ideal for tissue cultivation, organs and plant cell culture and acclimatisation of plants, incubation and rearing of insects.

Información de suministro: Supplied with 5 polyester coated wire and stainless steel shelves, max. load: 25 kg / shelf.
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