Flow controllers

Proveedor: Parker Balston

559-0008EA 1060 EUR
559-0008 559-0005 559-0007 559-0006
Flow controllers
Generadores de gas Controladores de flujo
For regulating and distributing the clean air output from a Parker compressed air dryer, FT-IR purge gas generator or self contained lab gas generator. Manifold and single flow types are available. Manifold types allow clean gas, at the regulated pressure, into the manifold where independently adjustable flow controls may be set to serve three separate instruments. Single flow types include a pressure regulator and a single flow controller. Each flow controller is equipped with a triple scale pressure gauge for 0 - 7 bar (psig, kg/cm²), a pressure regulator and a flow meter mounted on a convenient bracket for wall or panel mount installations.

  • Conveniently regulate and distribute clean air output
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Manifold and single flow versions available

Max. pressure: 8,5 bar

Outlet ports: 1/8" barbed fitting
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