Electroporation monitoring system, Enhancer 3000

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Electroporation monitoring system, Enhancer 3000
Sistemas de electroporación Electroporadores
The Enhancer 3000 Monitoring system allows the automatic capture and display of electroporation parameters. By adding the optional communications module it permits storage and documentation of data for further analysis. The system can monitor all key electroporation parameters, including wave form, peak amplitude, field strength, pulse lengths, pulse intervals, and AC duration. Capturing this data is possible when using any electroporation generator with external pulse capabilities.

  • Displays actual electroporation parameters as a waveform and verifies conditions for optimisation and troubleshooting
  • Captures electroporation settings and analyses pulse amplitude, field strength, pulse length, AC pulse duration, and frequency

The Enhancer 3000 system is comprised of three components – a voltage probe, an interface box, and a digital oscilloscope. The voltage probe and interface box together comprise the voltage monitor, while the oscilloscope displays waveform images from the actual electrical pulse. This system offers a solution for evaluating critical electroporation settings.

* Requires a digital oscilloscope for readout of waveforms and electrical parameters
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