Portable autoclaves, MLS Series, PHCbi

Proveedor: PHC Corporation
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SANYMLS-3751L-PC 481-0507 481-0508 SANYMLS-3781L-PC 481-0687 481-0688
Portable autoclaves, MLS Series, PHCbi
Esterilizadores Autoclaves (Esterilizadores de vapor)
Energy saving top loading autoclaves provide a safe, reliable high pressure steam sterilising environment within a self contained unit. Safety assured with audible and visual alarm alerts, circuit breaker, pressure safety valve and fail safe functions such as overheating protection, door/lid interlock and scorch prevention. Microprocessor controls ensure that the temperature is accurately maintained.

  • Available in four sizes, 12 pre-set programmes for sterilising, preparing and maintaining culture media (MLS-3750/3780)
  • Portable with wheels, compact design maximises use of valuable laboratory space
  • Swing-top lid opens for 100% chamber access, no side space is required
  • A clip-on drainage hose and an exhaust air tank (MLS-3750/3780) simplifies filling and emptying

Información de suministro: All models are supplied with baskets: 2×MLS-RBA baskets for unit MLS2420U, 3×MLS-RBB baskets for unit MLS-3020U, 2×MLS-RBC baskets for unit MLS-3751L and 3×MLS-RBC baskets for unit MLS-3781L.
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