Extraction thimbles, Munktell

Proveedor: Ahlstrom
517-0756EA 547 EUR
517-0756 517-0757 517-0754 BINZ400038 BINZ400039 BINZ142097 517-0755 BINZ400014 BINZ400015 BINZ400059 BINZ400056 BINZ400013 537-4504 537-4503 537-4506 537-4505 537-4509 BINZ400010 BINZ400054 BINZ400055 BINZ400031 BINZ400053 537-4500 BINZ400051 BINZ400070 537-4502 537-4501 BINZ400007 BINZ400008 BINZ400003 BINZ400001 BINZ400023 BINZ400002 BINZ400024 513-0760 BINZ400065 513-0767 513-0766 BINZ400061 BINZ400062 537-4510 513-0762 513-0761
Extraction thimbles, Munktell
Aparatos de extracción Dedales de extracción
Grade ET/401
Particularly suitable for the extraction of organic combinations out of reaction mixtures, food, natural substances, lacquer and binder analysis in paint colours, dust and tar determination in gases.
Max. Temperature: 120 °C.

Grade MK 360
A special development for the analysis of air pollution.
Max. Temperature: 900 °C

Grade MG160
Filter thimbles of high purity particularly recommended for aggressive solvents. For analytical registration of environmental pollution.
Max. Temperature: 500 °C

T* indicates is used for Tecator machines
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