Columnas de intercambio aniónicas de HPLC, PRP-X100

Proveedor: Hamilton
554-0400EA 1880 EUR
554-0400 554-0246 554-0204 554-1496 554-0241 554-5699 554-1495 554-1256 554-1498 554-1497 554-1255 554-0238 554-1261 554-1263 554-1225 554-0476 554-2533 554-0237 554-1226 554-0478 554-5701 554-0297 554-0198 554-0210 554-0228 554-0205
Columnas de intercambio aniónicas de HPLC, PRP-X100
Columnas de cromatografía
The PRP-X100 is a polymeric column packing for separation of inorganic and organic anions from 10 to 500 ppm. These columns can be used to separate ions at concentrations from 1 to 1000 ppm without suppression or elaborate preconcentration techniques. The highly inert polymeric support resists chemical attack from organic solvents and aqueous buffers (0 - 100% aqueous or organic; pH 1 to 13), effectively lengthening column life.

  • Easily separate difficult anions such as cyanide, borate and silicate at high pH (11,5)

These columns can be used with any existing HPLC or ion chromatograph to easily determine anions in almost any sample matrix including: air, water and soil. They are well suited for use in systems employing suppressed/non-suppressed conductivity, electrochemical, UV, and ICP-MS detection.
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