VWR®, Placas multipocillo para cultivo celular

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VWR®, Placas multipocillo para cultivo celular
Microplacas Placas de cultivo celular
VWR multiwell cell culture plates are available with a choice of surface treatments.

Increased cell attachment surface treatment: This highly hydrophilic surface offers a significant advantage over the traditional cell culture surface. The surface treatment can improve cell spreading and attachment, and is suitable for cells that may adhere poorly due to cell phenotype, stressful culture conditions, or those which normally require additional biological coatings for attachment.

TC-treated: These plates are vacuum-gas plasma-treated for consistent cell attachment and growth.

Non-treated: Non-treated cell and tissue culture plates are ideal for applications where cell attachment is not desired.

Culture area = cm² per well.

Certificaciones: ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008

Envase: Envase individual de papel abre-fácil/blíster de plástico.
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