Experimentation kits, simulation of HIV detection by ELISA

Experimentation kits, simulation of HIV detection by ELISA
Materiales educativos Materiales educativos de biología Physiology and Health Learning Activities
An HIV test detects HIV infection indirectly using an ELISA test against HIV antibodies in the blood. The test works by taking antibodies from the patient's blood and adding them to a microtitre plate coated with HIV antigen. If HIV antibodies are present, they will bind to the antigens on the plate. In this experiment, students perform an ELISA text by coating microtitre plate wells with simulated HIV antigen and then test simulated donor serum for anti-HIV antibodies.

  • For 10 lab groups
  • Requires 1 hour

Also required: 37 °C incubator

Información de suministro: Kit includes instructions, simulated HIV antigens, positive and negative controls, simulated donor serum, secondary antibody, substrate, microtitre plates, transfer pipettes, and microtubes.
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