Experimentation kits, morphology of cancer cells

Experimentation kits, morphology of cancer cells
Materiales educativos Materiales educativos de biología Physiology and Health Learning Activities
When normal cells are grown in culture they stop growing when they become overcrowded (contact inhibition). Cancer cells in culture grow in an uncontrolled way because they have lost this property. This helps tumours to form in the body. In addition, many different cell types can be present in a single tumour. This experiment allows students to see the differences between normal and cancer cells in both their growth and cell types.

  • For 6 lab groups
  • Complete in 35 minutes
  • Requires a microscope with 400x magnification

Información de suministro: Kit includes instructions, multispot slides (2 cell types each), fixing agent, eosin and methylene blue stain, mounting medium, cover slips, transfer pipettes, and immersion troughs.
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