Plaster dispenser, blue detectable

Proveedor: ORKLA CARE AB
CEDE51030130EA 190.5 EUR
Plaster dispenser, blue detectable
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The Salvequick dispenser blue detectable is specially designed for use in the food industry.

  • Easy to use with one hand
  • Refills locked
  • Choose from different types of plasters

The plasters are detectable by most metal detectors used within the food industry. The blue colour also makes the plasters easy to see. When a plaster is pulled from the dispenser, one of its adhesive surfaces is exposed and it can be applied easily with one hand. The dispenser is refilled quickly and easily with a special key. Transparent lid protects against dust.

Clean the wound, make sure it is not infected, and change the quick bandage daily.

The green-coloured plastic in Cederroth Stations and Dispensers are from January 2022 made of >85% recycled plastics. Old refrigerator parts are used to give next life in First Aid products, which gives 90% lower C02 emissions compared with production of new plastics. At the same time, the outer cartons are made of 90% recycled fibre.
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