Masterflex® Color-Coded Sanitary Clamp Fittings, Nylon, Avantor®

Proveedor: Avantor Fluid Handling
MFLX31201-49EA 36 EUR
MFLX31201-49 MFLX31201-47 MFLX31201-59 MFLX31201-48 MFLX31201-60 MFLX31201-45 MFLX31201-56 MFLX31201-57 MFLX31201-46 MFLX31201-43 MFLX31201-54 MFLX31201-44 MFLX31201-55 MFLX31201-53 MFLX31201-61 MFLX31201-62
Masterflex® Color-Coded Sanitary Clamp Fittings, Nylon, Avantor®
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Color-coded knobs for easy identification.

  • Choose from 4 color options for high visibility
  • Lightweight design puts less stress on your system
  • Lot and batch traceability is ideal for increased security and compliance safety
  • Compatible with ASME-BPE and BPSA standard nonmetallic and stainless steel flange ferrules

Constructed of glass-reinforced nylon, these disposable Tri-Clamp® sanitary clamps are perfect for single-use transfer lines in biopharma markets, plus a wide range of fluid transfer systems. The nylon material meets USP Class VI and FDA compliance and is lot and batch traceable for the most stringent compliance regulations. The limited-slip design self-adjusts for balanced contact pressure making these clamps ideal for securing your fluid transfer system without damaging the process lines.

These clamps feature increased durability and flexibility as they can be repeatedly autoclaved at 134 °C for 5 minutes and withstand gamma irradiation up to 40kGy.
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