Thermally Bonded Depth Cartridges

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Thermally Bonded Depth Cartridges
Filtros Cartuchos de filtros
Eliminate rejection or rework.

  • Thermobonding provides no pore opening and optimum particle retention resulting in stable filter ratings
  • Low pressure drop and large dirt holding capacity provides long service life – reliable for the most challenging applications
  • Thermally bonded fibre matrix ensures consistent performance resulting in no media migration
  • FDA compliant
  • ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified

The cartridges are manufactured using carefully controlled materials and processes, ensuring removal of silicone or other defect causing contaminants. The stable pores are formed by thermobonding of the fibres come into contact with each other. The “gradient density” design of the cartridges provides improved filtration and better life.

Polyolefin Thermally Bonded Depth Cartridges (CP Series) are constructed using polyolefin thermally bonded bi-component fibres. They offer excellent chemical resistance for a variety of applications.

Polypropylene Thermally Bonded Depth Cartridges (CP II Series) are constructed using polypropylene thermally bonded fibres to provide rigid dimensionally stable construction. Spin finish is not used - eliminating foaming at the initial filtration stage.
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