Heavy-Duty Tubing Pinch Clamps, Polysulfone

Proveedor: Avantor Fluid Handling
MFLX20001-00EA 27.55 EUR
Heavy-Duty Tubing Pinch Clamps, Polysulfone
Abrazaderas Pinzas para tubos
Durable design handles higher working pressures.

  • Quick installation with positive swing-away locking screw
  • Smooth contours allow for easy cleaning

Use this clamp with tubing or hose - it will meet the working pressure of either. High-strength polysulfone closure provides excellent durability, can be continually reused, and resists most chemicals. Simply align the hose within the clamp; mating surfaces on the clamp indicate complete closure. Typical applications include sterile filling, media bag connections, pumping, liquid control and high-purity fluid transfers. FDA-compliant polysulfone material can be sterilized by autoclave or gamma radiation.
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