Pure-Fit® TC Plastic Tubing Clamps

Proveedor: PureFit
MFLX06822-03EA 160 EUR
MFLX06822-03 MFLX06822-13 MFLX06822-01 MFLX06822-11
Pure-Fit® TC Plastic Tubing Clamps
Abrazaderas Pinzas para tubos
Install easily over existing tubing lines or assemblies.

  • Smooth contours eliminate risk of puncture or rupture
  • Fully sterilizable
  • Meet USP Class IV criteria

The Pure-Fit TC clamp has a press-down locking mechanism that provides complete fluid stoppage. Its side-release mechanism ensures against unwanted opening. The open design can be installed over existing fittings or finished tubing assemblies, eliminating costly downtime. Available sizes handle two tubing ranges (up to 3⁄8" or 3⁄8" to 3⁄4"). Available in polypropylene (PP) or PVDF. Sterilize PP by gamma irradiation only; PVDF may be sterilized by gamma irradiation or autoclaving.
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