Masterflex® Flowmeters and Controllers for Water, Avantor®

Proveedor: Avantor Fluid Handling
MFLX32908-41EA 2320 EUR
MFLX32908-41 MFLX32908-43 MFLX32908-42 MFLX32908-45 MFLX32907-44 MFLX32907-43 MFLX32908-44 MFLX32907-46 MFLX32908-47 MFLX32908-46 MFLX32907-45 MFLX32908-49 MFLX32908-48
Masterflex® Flowmeters and Controllers for Water, Avantor®
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Achieve accurate, ultrafast volumetric measurement and control.

  • Technology allows for installation without typical inlet/outlet straight-run requirements
  • Units provide data on flow and temperature
  • All functions are user-programmable through an integrated keypad

These meters measure flow via pressure drop across a laminar flow element (LFE). Because the flow element makes the flow stream laminar, placement in the process does not require straight pipe runs upstream or downstream of the meter, greatly simplifying installation. The LFEs also provide an outstanding turndown ratio of 50:1 giving the meter a very broad and accurate measuring range. The design provides an ultrafast response at start-up or input change—often within 100 milliseconds. The 0 to 5 VDC output allows transmission of the flow value to a remote display, recorder, or controller regulating a valve or pump.|For the flow controllers, an integrated PID controller directs the unit's response to process changes. Set the P and D parameters to tailor the unit's response. Flow setpoint is established with the optional set point control module, a 0 to 5 V signal, or an RS-232 input signal. For portable flow metering (not controlling) applications, order the battery pack separately. Units can be mounted via threaded taps in the meter body.|Meters and controllers feature dynamic display that simultaneously shows flow rate and fluid temperature, and (for controllers) the set point. For the units shown, both power and input/output signals are transmitted through a single multi-pin connector.

Información de suministro: Includes integrated sensor, display, transmitter, valve assembly, 120/230 VAC power adapter with communications cable, and NIST-traceable calibration report supplied by the manufacturer.
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