Masterflex® Mass Flowmeter Controllers for Gases, Avantor®

Proveedor: Avantor Fluid Handling
MFLX32708-04EA 1270.51 EUR
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Masterflex® Mass Flowmeter Controllers for Gases, Avantor®
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Integrated valve allows precise flow control.

  • Accepts a 0 to 5 VDC input signal for remote valve control
  • Calibrated for air and nitrogen

These low-cost mass flowmeter controllers use a thermal gas flow sensing technique that results in highly accurate readings and repeatability. The controllers accept a 0 to 5 VDC input signal for remote valve control. Controllers with LCD display feature a potentiometer for manual valve control. The 3 1/2"-digit display tilts up to 90° for easy viewing. Front panel dip switch lets you select one of the factory programmed gases: air or nitrogen.

All controllers require a combined power supply/input/output cable. This cable combines three functions into one unit: power source, plus input or output of 0 to 5 VDC signals. Use the input signal for remote valve control; use the output signal for datalogging or controlling other instruments. Order the power supply/input/output cable separately.
Wetted materials are anodized aluminum, 316 stainless steel, brass, Viton®, and acetal. Maximum pressure drop across the unit is 15 psi at maximum flow. Differential pressure should not exceed 45 psi.

These precalibrated flowmeters operate at inlet pressures between 5 and 40 psi and at gas temperatures between 64 and 77 °F (18 to 25 °C) while maintaining the stated ±1.5% full scale accuracy and linearity. When operating beyond 5 to 40 psi, add ±0.02%/psi full scale; if operating beyond 64 to 77 °F (18 to 25 °C), add ±0.15%/ °C full scale.

Información de suministro: Includes two acetal compression fittings and a 24" cable with hub connector.
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