Liquid or Gas Turbine Flowmeters / Transmitters

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MFLX32709-08EA 638 EUR
MFLX32709-08 MFLX32709-76 MFLX32709-10 MFLX32709-54 MFLX32709-22 MFLX32709-12 MFLX32709-56 MFLX32709-78 MFLX32709-02 MFLX32709-58 MFLX32709-14 MFLX32709-04 MFLX32709-26 MFLX32709-06 MFLX32709-80 MFLX32709-70 MFLX32709-60 MFLX32709-50 MFLX32709-72 MFLX32709-74 MFLX32709-52
Liquid or Gas Turbine Flowmeters / Transmitters
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Output signal lets you connect to a remote display, datalogger, or recorder for continuous monitoring.

  • The 3-1/2 digit LCD provides direct flow rate readings

These new low-flow liquid and gas flowmeters are ideal for industrial, commercial, laboratory, or OEM applications. They are compact and offer excellent liquid or gas measurements. All models provide direct flow rate readings in ml/min or L/min and a 0 to 5 VDC linear output simultaneously.

Choose from RYTON® or brass flowmeters. RYTON meters are an economical alternative to brass models. Order brass meters for high-pressure application—meters withstand up to 500 psi! Use flowmeters for liquids with a wide variety of transparent, low viscosity (below 10 cSt) liquids. Flowmeters for gases are compatible with most gases and cover flow rates from 10 ml/min to 20 L/min.

Wetted materials are glass-filled polyphenylene sulphide (RYTON), glass, stainless steel, sapphire, VITON®, and acetal (for RYTON flowmeters) or brass (for brass flowmeters).
Order base plate 32709-90 under "Accessories" at the right to let RYTON flowmeters (except 32709-16) stand on their own. Power flowmeters with an AC adapter or a rechargeable battery kit (not included); battery kit provides up to 20 hours of portability. If your application requires a remote
How they work: Each flow meter uses a Pelton type turbine wheel and photodiodes to generate an electrical signal proportional to flow rate. Rotation rate of the turbine wheel is linear over a wide.

Flow rates for gases are given for air at 760 mm Hg and 23 °C. Flow rates for liquids are given for water at 23 °C.
RYTON® Phillips Petroleum Co.
VITON® DuPont Dow Elastomers L.L.C.
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