Double-Open-End Silver/Carbon Filter Cartridges

Proveedor: Avantor Fluid Handling
MFLX01508-91EA 99.7 EUR
Double-Open-End Silver/Carbon Filter Cartridges
Filtros Cartuchos de filtros
Remove chlorine and organic chemicals for odor reduction and better taste.

  • Constructed with silver impregnated carbon to inhibit the growth of bacteria

Silver/Carbon Cartridge has silver impregnated in activated carbon to inhibit growth of bacteria. Removes solids, organic compounds, chlorine, tastes, and odors. For cold water only. Produces 3500 gallons prior to exhaustion. Max temperature is 77 °F (25 °C); max differential pressure is 10 psid.
Note: Cartridge does not work with DOE housing models 01508-40, -41, and -42.

* Psid refers to pounds per square inch pressure drop through the filter system.
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