Imager assay package, THUNDER

Proveedor: Leica

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Imager assay package, THUNDER
THUNDER imager assay is an innovative solution for advanced 3-D cell culture assays, whether for analysing stem cells, spheroids or organoids.

Unique automation features accelerate imaging of large sample volumes for more accurate statistics and minimises user interaction (even for complex experiments) to improve assay workflow efficiency. High system sensitivity ensures low photo toxicity and photo bleaching, resulting in higher data throughput with optimal physiological conditions for your sample. With Leica developed computational clearing, THUNDER efficiently removes ‘out of focus’ blur in real time, enabling the meaningful use of 3-D specimens with camera-based widefield fluorescence microscopes.

Take 3-D cell culture research to the next level with ground breaking ease of use, speed and sensitivity with THUNDER Imager Assay.

Certificaciones: CE and CAS.
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