Method development kits

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HEWL5185-5810EA 1300 EUR
HEWL5185-5810 HEWL5188-5328 HEWL5190-1433 HEWL5190-1432 HEWL5185-5809 HEWL5190-1431 HEWL5185-5808 HEWL5185-5807 HEWL5190-1436 HEWL5190-1435 HEWL5190-1434 HEWL5183-4625 HEWL5183-4624 HEWL5183-4627 HEWL5183-4626 HEWL5188-5324 HEWL5188-5323
Method development kits
Columnas de cromatografía
Agilent offers methods development kits to streamline the column collection process used for medium and high pressure LC systems.

  • Kits based on changing pH or selectivity for methods development
  • Column selection options include Eclipse Plus C18, Eclipse Plus Phenyl-Hexyl, Bonus-RP, StableBond C18, and Extend-C18
  • Column size options include 2,1×50 mm, 4,6×50 mm, and 4,6×100 mm with 1,8 µm or 3,5 µm particle sizes

Method development is some of the most important work. Now, it's easier than ever to evaluate the best chemistries for separation with Agilent Method Development Kits. These kits include a range of column chemistries and selectivities, giving the tools needed to save time and perfect your separation. Agilent’s columns are manufactured to the industry's tightest quality control specifications for reliable, reproducible performance. We also offer the industry's widest range of Fast LC columns to get high resolution and speedy analysis times. Request the Method Development Poster! When done with method development, Agilent Method Validation Kits provide columns from three lots to validate the method.
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