Collecting trays,

Proveedor: Bohlender
590-0329EA 63 EUR
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Collecting trays,
Bandejas/Platos/Ollas Bandejas/Platos para derrames
Practical collecting tray made of PE or static dissipative PE-EX. Place your waste canister in a collecting tray. Escaping liquids are collected in case of container exchange or leakages.

  • High-quality HDPE, HDPE-EX
  • Increase your security
  • Liquids are not lost

Collecting trays help to put aside e. g. waste caps or funnels during container exchange without contaminating floor or working area through dripping liquids. In a worst-case scenario they collect escaping liquids from a damaged or spilling waste container and thus increase your own safety.

Corresponding to their installation site, you get collecting trays in PE or static dissipative PE-EX.
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