NUCLEAR-ID® ≥95% (by HPLC), CELLESTIAL® blue DNA stain

Proveedor: Enzo Life Sciences

NUCLEAR-ID® ≥95% (by HPLC), CELLESTIAL® blue DNA stain

Cell permeable DNA stain that can be used for a wide range of applications

  • This blue fluorescent specific DNA dye is stable and has high purity
  • Live, permeable and fixed cells can be analyzed
  • No photobleaching effect
  • No RNase treatment is required
  • Multiplex with GFP and red dyes
  • Validated for a wide range of cell densities
  • Quick and easy to use!

The NUCLEAR-ID® Blue DNA stain is a cell permeable dye, designed for use in a range of fluorescence detection technologies, in the discrimination of nucleated cells. It is resistant to photobleaching and is suitable for live-cell staining of nuclei. Also this dye provides a convenient approach for studying the induction and inhibition of cell cycle progression by flow cytometry. Potential applications of this reagent for live-cell studies are in the determination of cellular DNA content and cell cycle distribution, for the detection of variations in growth patterns, for monitoring apoptosis, and for evaluating tumor cell behavior and suppressor gene mechanisms.

Applications:Flow Cytometry, Fluorescent detection

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Resultados test especificaciones

Excitation maximum: 350nm
Emission maximum: 461nm

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