Thermal cyclers XT⁹⁶ and XTender⁹⁶

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Thermal cyclers XT⁹⁶ and XTender⁹⁶
Termocicladores PCR
The XT family of VWR PCR thermal cyclers combine industry- and customer-inspired innovation housed in a robust, low noise design that fits on virtually any bench top. The fast ramping 96-well block is accurately controlled by eight Peltier elements ensuring reproducible PCR results and offering a gradient PCR option. Making use of advanced technology, XT cyclers can be connected via Ethernet and controlled remotely by a primary XT⁹⁶ cycler, a PC or a mobile device (smartphone/tablet). The software/App needed comes free and provides the same intuitive user interface as the touch-sensitive, sharp 7" TFT display that the XT⁹⁶ cycler is equipped with. When used as part of a remote control configuration, the XTender⁹⁶ makes a perfect secondary unit, having no built-in display, but reduced to its core function of providing excellent PCR results, while saving costs and valuable resources.
Other innovative features:

  • Flexible lid: Heated lid automatically adjusts to fit every PCR tube, creating pressure that prevents sample evaporation, to ensure reproducible results in every run
  • Innovative block design with reduced mass allows highest temperature uniformity, and heating and cooling rates of up to max. 4 °C/s
  • Precise temperature control for shortest run times, without over- and under-shoots, for best PCR results
  • Gradient function (optional): Eight advanced control circuits and Peltier elements, providing an almost linear gradient – ideal for PCR optimisation
  • Sharp, clear 7" TFT display, combined with intuitive software, simplifies use and suits all user expectations
  • Intuitive programming: PCR-Wizard for convenient three-step, two-step, and gradient PCR programming
  • Quick set-up: Select one of the 'Recently used methods' to accelerate your PCR run
  • Data control: Up to 2× USB, 1× Ethernet (MS Windows®, Linux), remote control and monitoring of instruments via PC software, MP3 signal tones, and primary/secondary control
  • System tools at the touch of a button: Graphical or tabular programming, 'Global Program Ramp', 'Tube Control', online help, 'Quick Start' function and 'Power Fail Denaturation' for auto-restart after power failure
  • XTender⁹⁶ is a fully equipped PCR thermal cycler without a touch screen, the ideal device controlled by a PC or from another XT⁹⁶ thermal cycler

Certificaciones: Manufactured in Germany according to ISO 9001, calibrated and maintained according to NIST standards, and backed by 30 years of cycler technology expertise and experience.

Información de suministro: All XT thermal cyclers include simple to use PC software for remote control and monitoring of instruments, as well as for creating PCR protocols on a PC.
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