Enterolactone ELISA kit

Proveedor: Cayman Chemical
CAYM500520-480SEA 1220 EUR
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Enterolactone ELISA kit
Ensayos ELISAs
A competitive assay for measurement of enterolactone in plasma, urine, and other biological sample matrices.

  • Measure enterolactone in plasma, urine, and other sample matrices
  • Assay 24 samples in triplicate or 36 samples in duplicate
  • Measure enterolactone levels down to 70 pg/ml
  • Colorimetric reading at 405 to 420 nm

Enterolactone is a mammalian lignan with an estrogen-like diphenolic structure. It is produced by intestinal bacteria from two plant precursors (matairesinol and secoisolariciresinol) obtained in the diet. Enterolactone and other lignans and phytoestrogens have been associated with a reduced risk of acute coronary events, hormone-dependent cancers, and possibly osteoporosis. Several studies have suggested that serum enterolactone may serve as a biomarker of a healthy, high-fiber diet. Cayman Chemical’s Enterolactone ELISA kit is a competitive assay that utilizes a standard curve ranging from 15,6 to 2000 pg/ml. The assay has a range from 15,6 to 2500 pg/ml and a sensitivity (80% B/B0) of approximately 70 pg/ml.

Información de suministro: Kit contains antiserum, tracer, standard, ELISA and wash buffer concentrate; polysorbate 20, plate and cover sheet, Ellman's reagent, tracer and antiserum dye.
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