Graphite electrodes, counter

Proveedor: Thermo Fisher Scientific
14754.KNEA 390 EUR
14754.KN 14746.KN 14751.KN
Graphite electrodes, counter
Electrodos Otros electrodos
Graphite electrodes are used as homogeneous catalysts.

  • AGKSP grade
  • Ultra F purity
  • Light sensitive and hygroscopic
  • Incompatible with oxidising agents
  • Applications include piston rings, thrust bearings, journal bearings and vanes

These are widely used in electric arc furnaces (EAF) and ladle furnaces (LF) for the melting of steel, non-ferrous metals and some non-metallic minerals. Carbon based seals are used in the shafts and fuel pumps of many aircraft jet engines.
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