Steam sterilisers, KS series

Proveedor: Nickel-Electro

Steam sterilisers, KS series
Esterilizadores Autoclaves (Esterilizadores de vapor)
This steriliser is a laboratory steriliser, using steam to sterilise small unwrapped instruments and non-porous equipment which displaces air passively from the chamber and its load by steam generated within the steriliser.

  • Double skinned walled chamber for insulation purposes
  • Removable shelves for ease of loading
  • Provides constant boiling water producing steam

The lid is designed to ensure condensed steam runs back into the chamber and can be removed using insulated lifting handles. These handles on both the unit and lid features an 18 mm diameter thermometer/thermocouple entry port. For safe steaming the water level is governed by a reservoir on the side which requires connection to a regulated water supply to maintaining boiling and safe water levels. The reservoir provides a visual indication of the water level in the steriliser.

Precaución: Not intended for sterilisation of equipment used in clinical care of patients.
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