Ultrafiltration membrane filters, cellulose triacetate

Proveedor: Sartorius
SART14549-43-DEA 136 EUR
SART14549-43-D SART14539-50-D SART14529-25-D SART14549-47-N SART14549-63-D SART14539-47-D SART14539-25-D SART14549-25-D SART14549-47-D SART14529-47-D
Ultrafiltration membrane filters, cellulose triacetate
Filtros Filtros de membranas
These membrane filters have high hydrophilicity and exceptionally low non-specific binding characteristics. These membranes are ideal for sample cleaning and protein removal and when high recovery of the filtrate solution is of primary importance.

  • Cast without any membrane support that could trap or bind passing microsolutes
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