Ultrafiltration membrane filters, PES

Proveedor: Sartorius
SART14609-76-DEA 406 EUR
SART14609-76-D SART14679-47-D SART14609-63-D SART14668-47-D SART14609-47-D SART14659-63-D SART14639-63-D SART14650-47-D SART14659-25-D SART14639-76-D SART14659-47-D SART14629-63-D SART14639-47-D SART14639-25-D SART14668-63-D SART14629-76-D SART14629-47-D SART14679-76-D SART14629-25-D SART14650-25-D SART14650-76-D
Ultrafiltration membrane filters, PES
Filtros Filtros de membranas
These are general purpose membrane that provide excellent performance with most solutions when retentate recovery is of primary importance.

  • No hydrophobic or hydrophilic interactions
  • Low fouling characteristics, exceptional flux and broad pH range
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