Volumetric modules for Acura® electro

Proveedor: Socorex
Acura® Acura® electro 936 Acura® electro 926
SOCO800.0100EA 125 EUR
SOCO800.0100 SOCO800.0020 SOCO800.2000 635-0360 635-0361 SOCO800.0010XS SOCO800.0200XS SOCO800.0050XS 635-0359 635-0357 635-0358 SOCO800.1000XS 635-0355 635-0356 635-0353 635-0354 635-0351 635-0352 SOCO800.0100XS 635-0350 SOCO800.0010YXS SOCO800.08.200 SOCO800.0002XS SOCO800.0002 SOCO800.12.200 SOCO800.0010Y SOCO800.0020XS
Volumetric modules for Acura® electro
Puntas de pipetas
These interchangeable volumetric modules greatly extend working possibilities and make electronic pipetting affordable to all budgets. Disassembling and re-assembling without any tool contributes towards maximal flexibility.

Calibration specificities of extra modules - as set by factory QC or by pipette owner - are retained in instrument memory.
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